new costume resource photo archive...

We're still putting it together, but it will have images from the original costumes from the film.

At the moment there are 32 images of Blind Mag's "Chase the Morning" hooded cloak (including about a dozen of the garment turned inside out to show construction details and seam placements) and a few other Blind Mag bits. You can find the Photobucket archive here.

Eventually there'll be over six hundred images here, with five hundred new (!) pics that were just taken this week, with pieces from Nathan, Silo, Marnie, Graverobber and all the Largos, as well as some prop pieces.


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who is working on what?  I put together a henchgirl ensemble since I was short on time, but wish I could devote myself full time to making Repo costumes.  Working on it... thinking of Mag's Corset from her final concert but where to get the feathers?  and would love to make GraveRobber's coat.  I have the fur for the collar, just dying to get my hands on a clear picture of the rest of it. 

if RepoCon gets up and running, will there be the typical costume board/contest bit?

I'm just way too excited about this movie.